Questions and Answers

Q: What is VVork Seeker?

A: It is a service for job searchers. You could think of it as a personal trainer, that gives you a small kick in the behind to keep you on track, while looking for new opportunities.

Q: Who is this site meant for?

A: Anybody actively looking for a new job. If you are between jobs, or just want some change, VVork Seeker gives your job search a structure.

Q: What's with the name?

A: Oh, that... We had an idea for a service, and we wanted a name that suits that idea. This was the first decent domain that was still free...

Q: Who is behind this site?

A: We are two Finnish guys.

Jyri Jokinen is a former software engineer turned product manager turned project manager and suchlike. He used to work for Nokia, from where he was downsized, after which he worked for Elisa (a Finnish broadband and mobile carrier), from where he was also downsized. Bored with the life at big corporations, he went on to work for a cloud gaming company, G-cluster. But he was downsized from there, too. Having quite some experience from finding jobs, he decided to make a tool to help him be more effective.

Jani Vaalima is an enthusiastic media planner and project manager, part-time graphic designer and musician. He has been working for a Finnish media house, Talentum, and he's the guy who knows how to talk to people. Jani doesn't have nearly as much experience about being let go, so he'll just trust Jyri on that one.


If you want to ask something else, feel free to reach out to us: